Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ukraine July 2018


On this trip ORH will go to the Ukraine with Oleg and Lori Ensky.  The good family is ministering in Mukachevo, Ukraine with Final Frontiers Foundation.  We will work in Mukachevo in conjunction with their church ministries for the people of the area.  Oleg is a Ukrainian national who answered the call to reach his people..

Our goal will be to help the people in their town with medical care and to conduct evangelism and church strengthening ministries.  The medical care will consist of general medical, pediatrics, dental and optometry.  We will work for three to four clinic days.

Dates:  July 2018 middle of month

Cost:  $2500 to $2800 depending on air fare at the time.

Evangelist:   TBA

Travel Insurance:  Provided

Accommodations:  This trip has a low level of difficulty.  There will be travel by bus from Budapest to Mukachevo and then bus or van in the Ukraine.  There will be bathrooms at the accomodations but could be primitive at times and showers can be limited.

NOTE:  This clinic is still in the planning stage which means date and exact locations may still be adjusted.

Application:  Please contact our web site, www.operationrenewedhope.org or download application at www.TeamORH.Com and email it to orhus@aol.com or RWilliamson@TeamORH.Com  to apply.  You may call 910-987-5072 to apply.

Once accepted, you will receive emails specifically relating to the trip.

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