Saturday, July 18, 2020




Clinic location: Missionary Keith Stensaas will be our lead.  Couple locations next to Lake Victoria.  There are a couple churches there.   They are fishing villages.    These are 1 hour drive from Masaka.   There is another location an inland but about 1 hour from Masaka.    The clinic location will probably be in tents.  We will do general medicine, dentistry, eyeglasses.  

Proposed Trip dates:  Depends on regulations.  Uganda just received 30 million vaccinations.   The country has 45 million. October 23rd-October 31st. 

Lodging/Food:  Lodge team at hotel.   Breakfast and Supper at Bro Keith’s house.  Lunch sandwiches

Transportation: Four wheel drive coaster buses. 

Permissions: We will seek to obtain permission through the district health officer (DHO). 

Spiritual: Gospel presentation during the pharmacy time

Insurance: Health Insurance Provided - You may get your own

Degree of Difficulty - Medium - Hotel, not many western toilets outside of hotel, restaurant food, air and bus transportation, walking

Please send an email to requesting an application to be part of the team. The trip is subject to change.

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